There are lots of printers out there, with lots of variation in operating system and driver version. So we can't give an exhaustive list of print driver settings that work for each printer. However, if you follow these general guidelines you have a better chance of ending up with a good result. You'll save yourself some time by looking through all the available printer settings before you hit the print button. 

No Scaling

There are lots of variations of this setting: shrink to fit, scale to fit, fit to page. You want none of that. Turn it all off. None. 100%. Crop to fit.

System Print Dialog

Try to print from a program that gives you the regular system print dialog and don't use something that has it's own custom dialog (e.g. don't print from Chrome or the Windows App PDF Viewer).

How to get to the system print dialog when printing from Google Chrome

How to get to the system print dialog when printing from Google Chrome


Print Quality Best

In general, start with the highest possible print quality your printer offers. Set the highest DPI available. Select the best media type that your printer has available (usually glossy photopaper of some type). Often the best results are not obtained on the transparency setting. Only if you find that your printer is laying down too much ink or toner for the transparent media you're using should you back-off on this. The first thing to try is to back off from photopaper to another type of media. There are a lot of cryptic settings in some print drivers, so this may take some experimentation. Check out the failure cases in the troubleshooting section.


Force your print to print in black and white/grayscale.

Let it Dry

If you're using an inkjet, be sure to let the ink dry after the print comes out. You don't want to smudge your creation.

Print on the Rough Side

If you're using an inkjet, be sure that the printer is printing on the rough side of the material.

Use the Correct Material

At the risk of saying something obvious, use inkjet sheets in your inkjet printer and laser sheets in your layer printer or copier. Putting an inkjet sheet in your laser printer will ruin the printer's fuser.