Grum: MPS Sample 1

Targeting clear PS material on clear bottle, transparent effect. Lumii effect in K channel, color in Domino.

Bri10: MPS Sample 2

Clear PS material on white bottle, reflection effect. Color in Domino


ZER: MPS Samples 3/4

The label is composed in 3 parts. 1. Reverse printed effect in black, shown on clear bottle interior. 2. Overprinted on the back 1st with Domino white, then with a Domino color label. 3. Lumii effect on clear (2nd label) placed on the front of a clear bottle.


NucleoTide: MPS Sample 5

Clear film, color overlay on black effect, anti-rotating DNA animation


Logos: MPS Sample 6

White flood behind logos, transparent moving zigzag stripes

DLS191A91 Rough Preview

DLS191A91 Rough Preview