What we’re about

At Lumii, we’re all about making packaging more sustainable, elegant, cost-effective and secure, using algorithms designed for the presses that you’re already running.

It’s optically-varying graphics from tera-scale digital screening.  We focus on the nerd stuff, you focus on the benefits:

  • Beautification: your package will look amazing. People will want to pick it up and touch it.

  • Sustainability: By eliminating multi-material packaging, such as foil labels on plastic bottles, cold foils, or holographic films, your packaging becomes much easier and more cost effective to recycle.

  • Brand protection: Secure your relationship with your customer by making a distinctive brand image that competitors, knock-offs, and counterfeits won't be able to touch.

Print and packaging designers create PDF designs, mapping spot colors to Lumii effects through our design portal. Lumii creates 1-bit pre-screened TIFF files suitable for plate manufacture or digital printing. Duplex (registered front and back printed) impressions from these design files on standard clear substrates creates eye-catching one-of-a-kind effects!

Work with us

I'm a designer who wants to explore new design experiences with Lumii! What now?

At Lumii we're bridging the gap between the bean counters and the visionaries. As a packaging designer often you're given what an feel like an impossible mission: make a package that stands out, tells its story, and jumps off the shelf. But don't increase costs! You've seen lenticular, holographic films, foils, and surface treatments, but it's hard to get these on a package. Lumii makes it easy for you to create packaging embellishments using the tools you're familiar with. You can select from a library of effects, from tasteful to attention demanding, by mapping effects to spot colors in your design files. <link to tutorial> Because Lumii uses no new materials, only standard inks and films, it's an easy sell to your customer. If you love what we're doing and want to be a reseller, get in touch!

I'm a packaging supplier, how can I work with Lumii?

As a packaging converter, you can think of Lumii as pre-press with a magic wand. We simplify the supply chain for creating packaging embellishments and reduce the production costs at the same time. We create 1-bit TIFF files that go directly to a flexographic plate setter. Depending on available equipment, you may be able to make compatible plates in-house. An effect typically uses two stations on a press, and a turn bar. The two effect plates are printed front and back of almost any clear substrate to produce a Lumii effect. We include high-tech registration marks that make it easy to dial in precise front-back alignment on the effect plates. We're sure you and your customers will love this process. Talk to us about becoming a reseller!

I'm a brand owner or other end user, how can I work with Lumii?

We hear you. It's got to look amazing, and not erase your margins. Lumii creates compelling package embellishments without new materials or new equipment, so your costs stay low and your sales go up! Lumii drops in to your current workflow without hassles. You place spot colors in your design files where you want Lumii effects to appear, upload to the web, and your print vendor does the rest. In most cases we can work with your current print vendor, and if not we can recommend someone in your area.


What types of labels can I create with Lumii?


Lumii works on clear film substrates, and therefore can integrate into most shrink film, adhesive, or glue labels. Today, we're not able to do direct printing on paper or board substrates or use screen printing, but solutions are in development. If you've got an idea let us know!

What types of materials can be printed?

We have created labels on most types of plastic and have even printed glass. As long as it's clear and is commonly printed today it's likely we can work with it.

What types of presses are supported?

The most mature technology for packaging is flexographic printing. However, offset, digital tonor presses, and even some types of commercial inkjet printing can create effects. Depending on the resolution of the press and the ability to precisely align printed patterns on duplex printed material the quality will vary widely from one technology to another.

Does Lumii do label production?

Think of Lumii as a pre-press company with a magic wand.  We don't do production, but we provide the data necessary for your current suppliers to work Lumii embellishment magic. If you don't have a preferred supplier, or your supplier is not interested in working with Lumii, we can recommend a print supplier in your area who has experience working with Lumii.

What does Lumii provide?

Lumii accepts design files from designers and brands, processes them in the cloud, and produces 1-bit TIFF files that can be sent directly to a plate-setter or digital printing press. We recognize that this is a new medium that many won't be familiar with yet, so we also offer reasonably priced design consulting services.

What does the workflow look like?

If you've been working in commercial print, the Lumii workflow will feel very familiar. We accept PDF design files where each Lumii effect is represented by a spot color. The PDF file is uploaded to our website, and the spot color can then be mapped to a library of compelling embellishment effects. Once you and your designers are happy with the digital preview, the designs are baked into 1-bit TIFF files that a print vendor can download and send directly to a platesetter or digital press.

The first time we work with a print vendor, especially when working with new types of equipment, new brands, or new models, it is important for Lumii technicians to take a fingerprint reading from the press. This involves printing a special fingerprint file which can be evaluated by a Lumii representative.

Does this work with inkjet? I saw an article about that.

As an innovative technology company we've explored a variety of markets for our core technology. While it's true that in principle 3D images can be created from most inkjet printers, doing so involves careful calibration and hand assembly, as most inkjet printers, particularly in the consumer space, do not create well aligned duplex prints. We are not currently offering any solution for printing from consumer grade inkjet printers. If you are considering an industrial printing solution using inkjet technology, to be a viable option for Lumii features the printer must print reliably above 1200 dpi and have a way to create aligned duplex prints, where the alignment error is approximately 1/resolution.

Will you make other types of images, other than labels?

Lumii can create overt secure marks for high security applications such as currency, personal ID, government documents. If you're interested in this, please contact us directly.

Commercial printing is a very large market with many profitable verticals. Today, Lumii is focused on commercial label printing, but we're always open to new ideas. If you'd like to use Lumii as a back-end service for a print business in a different vertical get in touch!

Can I use this for artwork?

It's possible to make some very compelling images using Lumii's technology. At the moment, we aren't able to support pro-bono or discounted artistic exploration. However, if you have a funded project and are already up to speed in working with 3D model formats, and can manage the production of your project, we'd be happy to hear your proposal.

Do you accept 3D model formats?

In general, if you can get your model to render in threejs.org/editor, we can work with it to create a Lumii light field print. However, for most packaging applications the substrate is too thin and the press is too inaccurate to realize arbitrary 3D images. So care must be taken in creating 3D effects that conform to the capabilities of the print medium. Luckily, for most packaging applications you will be able to build a compelling embellishment from the components in our effect library.

What is a "light field print"?

To get technical, everything we print at Lumii is a light field print that renders an intended effect.

"Light field" in light field print refers to the bundle of light rays being emitted from the surface of the print, whose intensities vary both in angle and location. Unlike a normal printed page, which looks the same from every viewing angle, creating a light field print allows the print to steer distinct colors and intensities in many directions from each location on the printed material. Lumii light field prints use this effect to create different images viewable from different directions on the same printed film. When your two eyes see different images as you move around the print your brain interprets it as a 3D image, animation, or material effect.

The print part of the light field print is also remarkable. We use tera-scale computation to create two finely tuned patterns that, when printed with good registration on the front and back of a clear film, create a light field effect. This means we can print a light field on a standard printing press without using special materials, such as lens arrays or holographic films.