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Help! My Lumii Holiday Card isn't great!

Check out the troubleshooting page. We've got lots of tips to help your holiday cheer really pop!

Where do I get transparencies? / I haven't seen one of those since the early 90's.

They still make them! You can get them at most office supply stores, and on Amazon. If you have a print shop in your area, you can often buy just a couple sheets from them. Make sure you get the right type for your printer: inkjet or laser! We've also found that FedEx and Staples (at least here in Boston) are able to print transparencies with enough quality for the 3D effect to work. The print we got from Staples worked the best.

What transparencies will work with my printer?

Make sure you get inkjet transparencies for your inkjet printer and laser transparencies for your laser printer or copier! One way to tell the difference: inkjet sheets will have one rough side and one smooth side, while laser sheets will be a little clearer and have two smooth sides. The best way to tell the difference: read the box!

If you're using an inkjet printer, make sure that the rough side of the transparency sheet is the side being printed on. Usually printers have an icon on the paper tray to indicate which side of the sheet will be printed. You can try a test print on a piece of paper first if you're unsure. Don't put inkjet transparency sheets in a laser printer! They'll melt to your fuser!

How does this work?

Well you see, when two attenuating layers love each other very much... Oh my. It's hard explaining holiday magic!

Here at Lumii headquarters in Boston, MA we think hard every day about how to improve what's on your display. This recipe may, in it's own merry way, explain how we did it.

1 part Xmas magic
2 parts Hanukkah lights
1 flurry Wilson Bentley snowflakes
1 part three.js

Bake with Lumii Algorithms (just a moment)
Serve on printer of your choice
Garnish with superglue, creative cardstock accoutrement

Suggested dessert pairing:
1 Tweet @lumiidisplay #LumiiHoliday
1 vine video showing your 3D creation
1 instagram shot

Where did you get the snowflakes in the card from?

They were actually photographed over a 100 years ago by Wilson "Snowflake" Bentley, who was a farmer in Jericho, Vermont who was the first to invent a reliable way to take photos of snowflakes. He actually photographed over 5000 snowflakes in his life, many of which are printed in his published books.

So your company only makes prints?

No. There's so much more! The Lumii algorithms we've developed apply to a wide range of devices. While printing is fun, our goal is to create the best possible experience on a flat display — all 15 billion of them. This means transforming everything, from your cell phone to your car dashboard, and yes, even your holiday cards, into high-res, easy-on-the-eyes light field displays. This is what the holiday card can look like on live our prototype.


Who is behind Lumii?

We're really happy about the Lumii team! You can read about us in the aptly titled About Us section.