Give the gift of 3D this holiday! Download and print the free 3D Holiday Card Kit from Lumii now - and let us know what you've done with it!


What is this?

This is the biggest little holiday card you've ever printed at home.

Lumii is a small company with big things ahead of us. At Lumii, we believe in making great displays. To us, that means making intuitive, real 3D displays that look as natural as the rest of the world.

Holograms have been 20 years away since the 1970s. We're here to bring you Lumii light field displays today. So while this little holiday card makes its way out of your printer, you'll be joining us on this pioneering journey. If Lumii + your printer can do this, think of what's possible with Lumii + smartphones, or Lumii + your car. There are 15 billion flat displays out there waiting for something big.