3D from your press?

We got this.


3D from your press?

We got this.

Dynamic, three-dimensional security features and texturing from your presses, media and ink - made possible with the Lumii Light Field Engine.  Enhance product security while keeping control of your process. No lens sheets or foils required.


How it works

How it works

We use proprietary terascale computation that evolved out of research at MIT.  But you can think of us as an instant supplier with on-demand inventory, compatible with almost any press technology.

Lumii algorithms compress 3D volume into 2D patterns, engineered specifically for your press.  Print the patterns duplex on standard clear film and the 3D object reappears, extending 30x beyond the film thickness.  Color and reflective options available.


Before Lumii

Including special features in your print run is eye-catching, and provides brand protection and security, but adds cost, complexity and risk to your production pipeline.


After Lumii

Holographic features produced digitally by printing special Lumii-generated patterns on standard clear film, using standard 2-sided commercial presses. Eliminate cost, complexity and risk from your supply chain!

Physical production today:

  1. Print text, graphics on film

  2. Laminate holographic films, foils in a later press stage

Physical features have big challenges:

  • Supplier inventory risk

  • Supplier lock-in

  • Large added cost

  • Increased production complexity

  • Unauthorized use of waste



Physical production with Lumii

  1. Print text, graphics, and dynamic features, including 3D, motion, and color-shift

A security printing vendor works with Lumii like an instant material supplier, with on-demand inventory.

  • Zero inventory risk

  • Wider pool of print vendors

  • No added production costs or complexity

  • No waste

  • Keep using existing inks and materials!

Brand Protection and Packaging Embellishments

Brand Protection and Packaging Embellishments


Big changes are coming to the packaging industry. Driven by cost, sustainability, and consumer demand, it seems everyone is moving to flexible packaging solutions. Small players and generics are empowered through online retail. And commoditization of high-end print and foil technologies has made it harder to protect brands and prove authenticity.

In packaging and brand protection Lumii is delivering innovative label designs in places other embellishments can’t go. Labels made today on clear filmstock can immediately take advantage of the Lumii process to create angularily varying effects, such as motion, animation, color-change, and 3D, on most flexographic presses. This makes Lumii a cost-neutral or cost-negative way to add embellishments to many types of existing product packages!

In most cases, we can work with your existing packaging converter to achieve the effects you want at the price you need. When needed, we have built a network of converters who can get the job done.

Lumii is the eco-friendly solution to flexible packaging! Eliminating the need to laminate dissimilar foils and films into packages increases their recycleability. Ask us about making durables your customers will want to hang on to!

Shrink sleeves


Doing a short run or have a unique bottle shape that demands shrink sleeve packaging? You can still create unique embellishments with a flexographic print process and Lumii!



In flexible packaging applications that use a thin multi-layer laminate Lumii can create unique visual effects on your packaging where you can’t use foils or holographic films. The cost and complexity can be greatly reduced as compared to adding other embellishments to multi-layer laminate packaging.

Adhesive Labels

Wine, liquor, and beer bottles are a wonderful fit for Lumii product labeling solutions! Want your premium brand to really shine on a lighted bar shelf? With Lumii and a high-quality packaging converter on your side you can create adhesive labels for glass bottles that create 3D effects inside or outside the glass.



Your in-mold labels can pop even more with eye-grabbing effects by Lumii. In the compact on the right an in-mold label demonstrates a sparkle or color shift effect achievable with flexographic printing and standard clear filmstock.

Authenticity Badges


Proving the provenance of your drug or herbal supplement has only gotten harder with rampant counterfeiting of holographic foils. The cost or securing your supply chain has left manufacturers stuck between a rock and a hard place, opening themselves to unnecessary liability. With Lumii you can create unique and appealing security features, including tamper evident seals. Some specialty work may be required in this application space. Don’t hesitate to let us know what you’re looking for!

Security Features

Security Features

At Lumii, we're excited to show you what we can do with security applications! We've put together a Security Printing Sample Pack aimed squarely at security printing applications. We hope you'll take a look! Please contact us to learn more!