3D from your press?

We got this.


3D from your press?

We got this.

Dynamic, three-dimensional security features and texturing from your presses, media and ink - made possible with the Lumii Light Field Engine.  Enhance product security while keeping control of your process. No lens sheets or foils required.


How it works

How it works

We use proprietary terascale computation that evolved out of research at MIT.  But you can think of us as an instant supplier with on-demand inventory, compatible with almost any press technology.

Lumii algorithms compress 3D volume into 2D patterns, engineered specifically for your press.  Print the patterns duplex on standard clear film and the 3D object reappears, extending 30x beyond the film thickness.  Color and reflective options available.


Before Lumii

Including special features in your print run is eye-caching, and provides brand protection and security, but adds cost, complexity and risk to your production pipeline.


After Lumii

Holographic features produced digitally by printing special Lumii-generated patterns on standard clear film, using standard 2-sided commercial presses. Eliminate cost, complexity and risk from your supply chain!

Let's Get Specific

Segment: Security Features

Physical production today:

  1. Print text, graphics

  2. Apply holographic features in a later press stage

Physical features have big challenges:

  • Supplier inventory risk

  • Supplier lock-in

  • Large added cost

  • Increased production complexity

  • Unauthorized use of waste



Physical production with Lumii

  1. Print text, graphics, and holographic features

A security printing vendor thinks of Lumii like an instant foil supplier, with on-demand inventory.

  • Zero inventory risk

  • Wider pool of print vendors

  • No added production costs or complexity

  • No waste

  • Keep using existing inks and materials!

At Lumii, we're excited to show you what we can do with security applications! We've put together a Security Printing Sample Pack aimed squarely at security printing applications. We hope you'll take a look! Please contact us to learn more!

Security Printing Sample Pack

See what Lumii can do for Security Printing and Brand Protection!